Private Obstetric Care

Dr Smirnova offers confinement services at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Prince of Wales Private Hospital. Patients wishing to have their babies at RPA have a choice of being booked in Labour Ward or Birth Centre.

RPA hospital is a tertiary referral hospital with highest level 3 obstetric and neonatal facilities.
Pregnancy care includes pre pregnancy counselling, management of low and high-risk pregnancies, delivery and post partum review.
Dr Smirnova provides the following obstetric services:
·    Management of low risk pregnancies with aim towards normal vaginal delivery
·    Management of complicated and high risk pregnancies including
·    Multiple pregnancies
·    Pregnancies on the background of advanced maternal age
·    IVF pregnancies
·    Pregnancies in women with pre existing medical problems
·    Pregnancies in women with complicated past obstetric history including  previous    pregnancy loss,  pre-term birth, pre eclampsia/eclampsia, GDM
·    Pregnancies complicated by high blood pressure, gestational diabetes,
abnormal placentation including placenta praevia and placenta accreta/percreta

Other services:

·    management of recurrent early pregnancy loss
·    management of ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage